ACOPOWER Solar Panel and Generator Kit

ACOPOWER Solar Panel and Generator Kit

Though Goal Zero has set the standard, this appears to be a decent setup and WAY WAY cheaper. On the fence so will do some “Youtubing” and see how well it performs.

But for what it’s worth, noticed on their youtube channel, they don’t seem to answer any questions so SUPPORT is questionable, IMO.

I have two of these batteries I use wile camping. One is for general campsite things like lights and phones. The other is for a CPAP. Using the 12v adapter I can get almost 2 good nights out of it without charging.
I use a different 50w 12v solar panel to top them off during the day.

This is a very solid setup for the small amount of energy. I would 100% recommend for camping type use.

Would this be the type of generator I would need in the event of a power outage to power a medical air bed? Does it automatically come on when power goes out or is that a different type of generator?

Its not a generator, its just a rechargeable battery.

thank you