Acoustic Research 10 Outlet Surge Protector

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Acoustic Research 10 Outlet Surge Protector
Price: $29.99
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Jeezy peazy. Has the word “an” disappeared? I can’t understand what would lead anybody to write “a Acoustic Research…” Yes, I’m an old fart, but at least I know the diff between “a” and “an.”

Wow, you’re quick. You spotted the one error for today. We like to sneak those in to keep y’all on your toes.

How many amps is this rated at? 15? 10?

There are two more in this sentence.

If you look closely at the shot of the back where the electrical cord comes in, it says 15A.

Why isn’t this listed under specs?

Vendor Confirms: 15amps.

We will add that to the sale soon. Thank you!

anyone know how to easily rack mount this?

This one looks more like it’s suited to sliding into a Home Theater stand. Looking at the form-factor on this, I’m not sure it is equipped or even suited for rack-mounted installs or applications.

Wow. Looks pretty nice, and the best price I can find online. I hate how the generic yellowed one I have looks now for my computer setup. Definitely gonna pick this up.

I don’t see any details about the front display on the right. From the 2nd picture it looks like it shows line voltage, protection still working and third wire ground working. Is this true or do the photos shown not quite match what’s offered?

Also note in the 4th picture that #1 and #3 of the “widely spaced” outlets although being nicely separated from #2 are right next to the #7 regular outlet and the coaxial connectors respectively. I would speculate that you can put a regular plug in #3, fat wall warts in #1 and #2 and have #7 covered over. Net result: 2 widely spaced and 7 regular outlets for 9 total.

These are not set up for rack mounting, you’ll need a small rack shelf. The display does indicate voltage, protection, and grounding present. The wall wart spaced outlets are too close for most of the newer switching adapters that use a horizontal configuration.