Acoustic Research 3 ft HDMI cable – 2 Pack

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Acoustic Research 3 ft HDMI cable - 2 Pack
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I have so many extra HDMI cables from the cable company, I think I should go into business selling them.

3ft is the perfect length for HDMI cables IMO

just dont need anymore

is the cable i need to hook up my labtop to the tv

Actually, it connects between the BOC and your internet.

Meritline has 2-pack 5’ HDMI M/M Cable for $6.99 - $5 code MLCK6AT5UNL1 = $1.99 with free shipping. Not a great woot deal.

Can’t do much with 3 ft or this would be a good deal

ONCE, just ONCE, I would like to see an optical cable instead of an HDMI cable for a good price on Woot. Why the endless parade of HDMI and never once have I seen an optical cable. Sigh. I guess I’ll go to Best Buy and fork over $60.

But wouldn’t you rather buy them at Best Buy, for the correct price?

Good if you have a small TV - only spec’d for up to 720p…

Not all HDMI cables are the same - you don’t need to pay $50 for a Monster, but you do need to check that specified bandwidth is adequate for 1080p and look for compatibility with HDMI 1.4a if you care about 3D, audio return, etc.

Not such a good deal, at least today - had a 2 pack of HDMI cables for $2 with free shipping. Off-brand, but really there’s no difference.

It’s the cable you hook from your brain to your fingers so you don’t type any more stupid shit.

Another 2-pac of HDMI camels

Not when your TV is mounted on top of a Fireplace (That’s not used, don’t worry) and all your devices are on a shelf that is in the corner.

I disagree. If your TV is wall mounted or even if your home theater stuff (or game console) is stashed in the entertainment center, you’re going to need more than 3ft to snake out the back, around corners, and up to the TV’s HDMI plug.
I suppose 3ft would work if you’re only going from one component to the surrond sound system that are in the same compartment or something.

So much better than wasting money on those “name brand” cables.

I’ll stick with my monoprice cables

Great deal but I just bought a 6’ cable a couple weeks ago.

In for 1, if it was $1.99 with free shipping…