Acoustic Research 3 ft HDMI cable – 2 Pack

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Acoustic Research 3 ft HDMI cable - 2 Pack
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This would be great if one of them were an extension (M/F) cable.

cmon, you get 6 hdmi cables for 20 bucks.

A meh deal. If they were at least 6ft I might get them. you can get 10ft. for cheaper

Bought HDMI cables at the last woot off, only to realize, while my TV has a bunch of inputs for them, my equipment doesn’t. At least in about 5-10 years when I can afford a 3d TV, I have the cables ready.


We have no need for these… Or the HDMI extenders and elbows we got in our crap last October…

I want Bayou Dirt!! I already have Original and Crabby Dirt… Need the Bayou!

Three foot just ain’t big enough to cut it.
insert “That’s what she said” joke here

But you still wont have the equipment so you’ll still have the same problem

Too bad the blue pills are gone :frowning:

Indeed, who will be laughing??!!

I have to ask my boss that tomorrow…he literally has a ceramic cow on his desk!!!

Too funny

this is an awesome deal if you are using a low res, small-time screen, but anything larger than an iPad sized screen, or if you intend to watch movies, sports or play video games, I would suggest you not get this.

It only has 5.something GBPS which means it doesn’t even give a good range of colors, the fact that it is maxed out at 60hrz means that your TV will refresh slowly which can lead to blocking, wavy lines and motion streaks on your screen. Also 3 ft isn’t that long, I made the mistake of getting a much better cable in a 4ft length and I ended up having to re-organize everything so the HDMI capable consoles and devices could be within reach.

That said if you are just doing something quick and dirty, this CAN be a life saver if something happens to your cable and you need a backup. Not going to be a great picture, but any picture is better than none.

There are 6 ft. Hdmi cables over at deals.woot for $1.80, although these will probably last a bit longer since the quality is a bit better. (by that I mean quality of construction)

Edit* and free shipping.

It’s not bad for a spare room. We’ve got an xbox and a tv on top of a chest of drawers, 6ft is overkill for that.

Better deal here, guys. I found this deal for Woot, and it became popular about 6 hrs ago. =)

nah, does only 720 p

It’s not very long, almost useless for practical use.

Perhaps this could be useful for laptops that have HDMI and they want to quickly show something to a friend or collegue. Other than that, almost useless.


For those that do not already know, You do not need a super expensive HDMI cable. Most are the same but I don’t know if this is HDMI 1.4 or if 1.4 is the best available. Is there another one that is better then 1.4?