Acoustic Research 3 ft HDMI cable – 2 Pack

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Acoustic Research 3 ft HDMI cable - 2 Pack
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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A little short to be practical, IMHO.

its not a woot-off unless there are some HDMI cables

Lets get some legit Woot Off items or some BoC!

got a 10 ft one for a dollar with free shipping 3 weeks back, so this deal is nothing to me. :smiley:

3 feet? My wifes boobs sag lower than that.

Am I?

It feels so late.

these are 6ft cables and nearly all are under 10 bucks with shipping

What a piece of shit. 3ft cable? Shift your shelf!

That Flip Slide HD video camera ended quicker than expected. Do I see future BOCs with Flip Slides in them?

he he, ponies…

I wish I could have met her 40 years ago, those must have been stunning in their prime.

Items like this are good for a woot-off … they give those of us with desktops time to goto the bathroom and/or kitchen.

Still waiting for the BOC

Who’s in for 200 of these (Please make them go away!)


You get what you pay for, these cables will cause your screen to look like the faces on a cops episode. They are too short, the low speed and color range will cause problems.

That said if you need a fast dirty connection in case of emergency or you are using a TV for like a slide show or etc, then this might be okay.

Don’t get these and expect to play your PS3 on your brand new 32"+ tv screen, these only work on like iTouch sized screens for anything other than static images.

or take a nap. :smiley:

Only good for transmitting 720p at less than 5Gbps, lowest specs for any acoustic research cable.