Acoustic Research 3 ft HDMI cable – 2 Pack

While I don’t happen to need them, I do see a purpose for the 3-foot cables. When just connecting my components within the same shelving unit, often 6-feet is too much and I end up with extra cable that I have to deal with and hide. A 3-foot cable would be better in some of those places… It all depends on the location of your components in relation to one another.

If that’s not what she said, I don’t know what is.

I used to say “You can never have enough HDMI cables” and then… Woot! gave me enough. I have been proven wrong.

I was tempted to click the tattle button but i don’t think woot would tell your wife.

Missed the HDMI cable this morning, needed one, went ahead and ordered one from another website because I was tired of waiting. Should’ve known another one was going to show up later on in the Woot-off…

3 ft doesn’t seem long enough…

Lol true that

Worst Woot off ever

Works with iPad2?

Someone said last time that they were good for going between devices - DVR to Receiver for example.

I’ll just throw that out there.

Are you sure? A lot of people have said that before.

I must renew my rant about HDMI cables and Woot. HDMI cables, HDMI cables, and more HDMI cables. WHY??

Why can’t we get an optical cable or game console power cables, or some other types of cables and accessories? It’s always HDMI cables. News flash, Woot, everyone who wants HDMI cables already has 10 of them. But we who want to control our TV/DVD, etc., using an optical cable are just SOL. Oh the humanity!

To quote a recent Japanese television commercial: “Be imagine” Woot.

It’s not a woot-off without people saying it’s the worst woot-off ever.