Acoustic Research 5.1 USB Headphones

Here’s a review at Obsessable

And a review from Laptop Mag.

will these work with a ps3

No, as the Ps3 doesn’t have the drivers needed.

Man if this had a microphone I would totally get it, but I already have like 3 great headsets lying around my house as it is.

One more review at EverythingUSB

still trying to discern THD: 1 (1% is high for this level)

Product Website

Look profoundly uncomfortable.
Why would you want to have it sitting on your ears instead of around them?

They may not be the best for gaming but for this price they are a real steal compared to

Looks like the jack won’t fit in my Sansa MP3. Could someone please confirm this.

Unfortunately, Head-Fi has nothing to say about these.

Oh yeah, no it will not it is USB. Basically only a computer.

It will not fit in your sansa; it’s a USB connector

Since the connection is via USB, you’re assumption is correct. It will not work with your Sansa. However, I’m betting there’s a USB to mini-plug adapter out there somewhere.

I just looked up the original prices of these headphones… they’re usually $50-$75. If you’re not going to use them, give them to a friend or resell them.

I would not recommend even considering that if you could find such a converter. It would never power the device even if it could send audio signal.

Looks Wootalicious to me. In 4 2.

OK here’s the manual


Windows XP and higher yes
MAC yes

That’s it.

No PS3, no mp3 player, no iPod, no Sansa, no Wii even.

Might get it to work in Linux, but that would be quite challenging.