Acoustic Research 6 Foot HDMI Cable - Two Pack

in for 6!

Ohhh. These again.

are these 1.4 compliant?

Too expensive. I can build these my self with parts from newegg for cheaper. PFst

I bought a 3 pack of these in the last wootoff. I thought it was a decent deal at 3 for 15 dollars, imagine my shock when I got 6. Everyone should buy a 3 pack this time because they’re really great

Never fails, HDMI cables are a must during a woot-off.

These are a good price that even monoprice can’t beat:

Here is a serious question that is not about the item for sale.

I use the ‘’ mini checker at work to see what is being sold on the woot-off. I noticed that the previous item (converter of some sort) was sold out. Then I noticed that the HDMI cables were now on sale. I also had the WOOT site screen open. And it still had the old item showing. For over a minute (by my watch) after showed the new item, I clicked refresh on the WOOT site and it still showed the old item.

Why? Can someone explain?

These only do 720p

According to the product page on Amazon, no:

Solid cables, good material, decent length.
Not the cheapest HDMI cables I have seen on Woot, but still a good price.

Better than heading to your local Best Buy and spending $30 on a single, 6ft RocketFish-brand cable.

I had a dream last night that these were $1.99 each…ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz wait they WERE $1.99 each last night
sorry woot! but…

Okay - I guess I could google search this - but what would I use this for? Connecting my laptop to my tv?

No they are only 720p at 60Hz

They are decent quality. I still have the ones I got last year. Maybe if they were crappier quality I’d have to buy some more.

they were going for 1.99 this morning for 1 now they are 4.99 for 2… huh…

Why don’t they say in the description they’re only 720P? I bought 6 of them last time and was not happy when they said 720P Max right on the front of the package in bold. That’s just bad business.

Use Control-F5 to reload the page, but don’t abuse it, trust your widget.

I had to resist the urge to suggest you hit Alt-F4 to refresh. That being said, some people might still do it, which is funnier.


$5 a cable if you only buy 1 pair.

But what would you need with 6 Cables?