Acoustic Research 6 Foot HDMI Cable

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Acoustic Research 6 Foot HDMI Cable
$3.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Acoustic Research ES85 6ft HDMI Cable

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Great deal!



if you don’t have one already, you don’t need one.

In for 2. Need one and picking up an extra.

That doesn’t even make sence


i just don’t understand the logic.

3, natch.


So, why?

if you meant sentence, you were close…


According to this site:

You save $2987

“nobody doesn’t like double negatives.”

HDMI $3.99 w/ free shipping on Meritline (-$2 coupon for $1.99, if you try to get that to work), so not a great deal, unless you buy in to name brand digital cables.

Convenience, security, peace of mind, and to support this wonderful website that we obsessively check every night! Of course!

Just wanted to say Push Cute Monkey . hehe :slight_smile:

Unless, of course, you’re getting a new camera with an HDMI port and adding a hi-def receiver to your basement TV and don’t feel like schlepping cords all over the place. So yes, if you’re already dialed in on ALL your TVs, you probably already have it if you need it. For the rest of the world, yes, great deal…

However, you save money if you want this brand. But why do you want a branded HDMI cable? It’s digital isn’t it? So, as long as it works…?

I do not even know what these damn things connect.

I am sure something i have has this but it doesn’t need it apparently or it would not be working eh?