Acoustic Research 6 Foot HDMI Cable

I’m not saying if this cable is good (but if you know let me know)
I WILL say that I bought a Cheapie cable on eBay and it was quite bad …

wow, according to that ebay link, these things are reproducing like mutant worms! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

Buy three and hang yourself.

biggest LOL I’ve had all wootoff.

have had a dvr and hdtv for awhile and have been running component cabels so i figure good deal in for 1.

Yay I can finally connect the dvd player I bought! In for 2!

If you got it you don’t need it.
If you need it you don’t got it.


but the guy who posted this link gets some props… [url=]

I particularly enjoyed that they listed the MSRP of $59.99.

I think I can find something cheaper to hang myself with.

plus - who wants to wait for the mail for something so important?

i bought 3, so i saved almost…
9 grand. wow!
i’ma wake the wife!

AR is a well-known mainstream hi-fi company. Decent products. Used to make great speakers back in my dad’s day.

I’ve found a coupe of reasons why yo need a decent quality digital cabe like this onem, rather than a cheap one. Even in digital, the signa needs to pass easily and without interference. Makes the DAC and other eectronics not have to error correct so much. Less interference

But with digital, unlike analogue, you don’t need to spend heaps, as the signal being just a stream of ons and offs (pluss errror correction) only needs to get through clearly, not in he subtle exact way like analogue does. Just get one which is well-made enough. And this is as cheap as the cheapest if you get two, but it’s a good quality manufacturer. and long.


In for 2.

** : ^ ) **

Are these HDMI 1.3 compatible? Doesn’t say. I’ll pass.

wow, that patsguy site ROCKS! Where else could you get a wire cutter/crimper for 80 bucks???!!![url=]

got it = don’t need it
need it = don’t got it

therefore got it does not equal don’t got it

makes sense to me!

I’m in for 3!

This is misleading, at best. Most Xbox 360s don’t use HDMI.

Sir, you are a ROCKSTAR!!!


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