Acoustic Research 6 Foot HDMI Cable

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Acoustic Research 6 Foot HDMI Cable
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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You HDMI at ‘Hello.’


This one is going to be awhile…nite woot

Now THIS is what I have been waiting for…in for 3! Don’t miss this one!!

Rather have monoprices cables.

5$ shipping for a crappy tv, 5$ shipping for headphones, and now 5$ shipping for crappy hdmi cable? @ilrril :slight_smile:

$8 on Amazon, so you can save a buck here! Order 3!

Hey everybody, don’t buy anything for the next 8 hours, I’m going to bed and that way I won’t miss anything!!

I know this has been asked before, but… is shipping per item or per order?

cheaper on amazon + free shipping

Care to venture a guess what shipping will be for the next woot?

per order, not item

holy moly…go get a bowl of cereal

per order…always better to get 3 if you need 'em

Rubbish but we actually do need an HDMI cable dude lol

Up to 720p resolution

I am very slow at responding to people

per order, i believe

6’ hdmi cables cheaper EVERY DAY at