Acoustic Research 6 Foot HDMI Cable

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Acoustic Research 6 Foot HDMI Cable
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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720P - I bought a 3 pack a few wootoffs ago and gave them to my folks. My dad had 2 HD TV’s with standard cable. He thought I was a magician when I hooked these up to his cable box

EPIC write-up!

I have a few of these. I stock up so that friends and family who buy HD gear at BestBuy don’t get reamed by their only selection of Monster cables. Even Wal-Mart is expensive on theirs. I just hand these out when needed.

Remember when any hdmi cord would sell out in seconds?

Is this HDMI v1.4?


don’t think so

woot! purple square! purple square!

That was probably back before you could get these things for less than $2 shipped from dozens of places online. Heck, I ordered 6 1.4 spec HDMI cables off some ebay store last month and payed less than $9. They were gold plated and had Ethernet over HDMI too. These aren’t even close to a good deal. Without the shipping cost, it would be ok, but with it? nah.

Woot, I’d like a Roku, thanks…

According to Amazon the Entertainment Series is not 1.4 or 3D compatable

I’d take a Monoprice cable over this one any day.

Especially because they’re just as cheap (if not moreso) in longer lengths.

I have a couple 10ft ones, as well as a 25ft one and they’re great.

This is a crap deal.