Acquired Taste

Nothin’ wrong with a little good brain food, I say.

I feel like the thought bubbles are too small for people to see unless they are standing really close to you.

The one zombie wanted brains so much his arm fell off…

Such a rebel. Kid has to learn to control his unnatural urges. Weirdo. EAT BRAINS LIKE THE REST OF US!

This is definitely a shirt for my husband. If he were a zombie, sandwiches are what he’d eat.

Perfect first sucker. (Nevermind, it changed. It was zombees.)

Glad to see this one win!

Thankfully for this guy, Subway’s running the $5 Footlong deal all month! SAMMICHES GALORE!

Congrats, Patrick!

you are what you eat. That’s why zombies are so brainy.

I feel like this is quickly becoming my standard weekend reminder:

Patrickspens is a proven, consistent derby winner.

Patrickspens was the Shirt.Woot 2010 Artist of the Year.

Your life will be better with more patrickspens T-shirts.

Poor little fella. All he wants is a little PB&J, not P&BJ (People & Brain Jello).

Who knew zombies could be so cute?

i wonder what’s in that sandwich… it looks dark…perhaps mashed up rotten brains?

After it eats the sandwich the bread comes alive and seeks out graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains

Don’t worry, zombie outcast. If Warren Zevon taught us one thing, it was that it’s important to enjoy every sandwich.

There was always one kid at school who had a weird lunch; no wanted to trade with him.


This is the perfect shirt to wear to a Walking Dead marathon.

Brains…Brains…nah, perhaps a PB & J today instead? Change is good! Peanut Buttah Jelly!

Oh, Woot! Why did you link to this in the description? And why can I not stop laughing about it?