Action Shot 720P HD Video Camera Bundle

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Action Shot 720P HD Video Camera Bundle
$49.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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just waiting for the comparisons to the go pro…

Case is only good to 10’. Fun for a pool but of no use diving.

Let’s see some sample videos from wooters that purchased this previously!

You can see one from doc20002001 on the Features tab that he posted in the previous sale thread.

Does anybody know if this camera can swivel when using the mount?

My first thought: Woot is selling a showerhead?

Finally, Tony Stark’s Iron Man technology is available to the common man!

According to this thread ,it was $59.99 back on 12/1/12

here’s a link to the manufacturer. looks to be $99 retail.

amazon has it for $150

… I guess I’m going to have to wait until it gets to $19.99


I’ve heard a lot of noise about pinhole cameras not taking very good “indoor/lowlight” clips. Can anyone vouch for/against this from previous purchases?

I still vote that this would be epic Cosplay material.

I’m curious if this can be mounted on yesterday’s Crossman in such a way as to allow one to record one’s shooting. Anyone know? And if so, can it be zoomed in to match the view through the scope?

I see this has a viewing screen. So I suspect one could jury rig it on to the scope, and aim using the screen, right? Any chance someone at woot! Could mate the two and report back?

But does it light up? Because then it would be epic, indeed.

I wish I did anything that might warrant recording.

I’m in for three if someone can tell me what bitrate it can record at or if there are quality settings.

32gb mSD is no issue. I wish the video embedded didn’t have the youtube autoshake correcter on, I can’t find any other demo videos that use the high def mode.

Here is my video. I apologize about the sloppiness (I only spent a couple minutes on it). If you want a certain mode/angle/shot, I will have some time tomorrow so just reply before like 2pm and I’ll try to get it done for you.

Hopefully it gives you a better idea what this camera can do.

Thank you for sharing and your great offer to do more video!

Ok, I have found only 2 vidoes which are both from user comments above. Toysrus has this but does not come as a bundle. There are two versions of this camera, this one (HD) 720 @ 30fps, and the other one (SD)and majority of videos and reviews are of the SD version.

Thank you for your effort and offer.

Can you use youtube? Your vimeo doesn’t go fullscreen correctly.

Can you check the settings, set for highest quality, and pan something outside for 10-30 secs in 720p?

A raw file would be perfect.