Action Shot 720P HD Video Camera Bundle



An Arc Reactor with a travel bag for when it’s not in your chest.


Saw this deal a while back on Woot but I don’t think it was this cheap. At the time the non-HD version was being cleared out at Target and I scrounged it up with all the included accessories for about the same money as this is going for now. Great deal.


$10 cheaper this time around.


Yeah, just dug up the last sale. Thanks.


Owners, or people who have scoured reviews, how does this thing seem? Is it basically for ride-alongs on a snowboard/bike/etc, or can it produce really good quality video/sound?


So the specs say what resolutions and frame rates it records at, but not what video formats. QT? xVid AVI? Or that awful MJPEG AVI format which editing software hates?


In for one for my son so he can record his skydiving. Geranimooooooooo…


Amazon reviews…


Thank you! Was looking for this…


Has anyone ever tried to use one as a dash cam?


In for one. Should be fun while teaching my girls to surf.


In for 2…“for the kids”


Someone posted some awesome footage from his. He attached it to his RC plane. It was in the last thread on Kids, I think.


Found it


Good price — but I’m going to need a good bit more than 10’ of waterproofing to make it useful to me.


TT, I have missed everything I wanted either blinking or sleeping. Saddest wootoff ever.


Awwww, I’m sorry. Buy three of this to make up for it. :tongue:


How are they selling camelback and I was refunded last time because of no stock.


I need this like I need another pachinko machine. So sad.