ActionPro 4K UHD WiFi Sports Cam Bundle

I got a similar product from amzn w/ same accessories for $50-60 minus the fancy packaging. Just came in the same black case.
Similar specs but I think mine said 4k@15fps. I haven’t tried it. I only use the 1080p@60fps for my big rig and even at night it’s clear. Also has an app that lets you download/edit the vids no need for a second microsd but it does take 10min via wifi on my 6s.

Saw the exact same product on Amazon for 89.95 for prime members. Probably some used for less.

Can you share the link?

What is the max size of the sd we can use?

I think they had this on Sellout a few days ago. If so, this is the comments/reviews from that sale. I contemplated picking it up then. I may have to snag one this time. Only a little price bump from not being the featured item.

This is the one I ordered.
Different branding, same items, no fancy packing. I plan on grabbing a second since one positioned above and behind my right shoulder covers the whole incab, drivers side mirror and front easily. It won’t capture idiots on my right side mirror. Also it’s a 170deg lens.

That unit offers fewer mounts (unless the ‘thethers’ count as mounts) but interestingly claims higher frame rates at higher resolutions. Same battery specs, but their storage specs are unclear. Tempting, either way.

Edit: The other big difference is the WOOT unit has a 1" front screen… the Amazon unit is just a rear screen. I don’t know what purpose the second screen really serves.

I think so the user can see what’s being recorded when it’s facing them. I posted a link in the Sellout thread where someone discussed the features, and then showed a video, which I believe showed them using a selfie stick.

Allows you to center the video on yourself, basically.

Here’s the info I posted there.

Man, for a first time using an action camera, this was hard!

FYI, app for phone is iSmart DV

Found this video on unboxing, she’s done good on other units.


Why is the foam-lined case shown in two photos not mentioned in the description or the “What’s in the Box” listing?

Oversight. It’s included. Sorry about that.

Just as an FYI, the camera will not allow a 256GB SD card the largest is 128GB.