ActionPro 4K UHD WiFi Sports Cam Bundle

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ActionPro 4K UHD WiFi Sports Cam Bundle
Price: $99.99
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Do the attachments for the GoPro fit this camera?


[MOD: Not the same 4K model]

Maybe? We can’t verify or guarantee that other camera accessories will fit. Sorry.

I picked this up in January then bought a GoPro chest harness. Worked great.

Just a heads-up. Read the customer reviews. $80 on Amazon.

Does not appear to include the carrying case, but does have an extra battery. Question: is the carrying case worth a difference of $20 and extra battery?

if you decide to get the other cam for 79, you can pick up the case and accessories for 17 -

Wrong. The camera you linked does not have the 1" front facing screen. I think all that screen really does is show battery level and some other basic information, so it still may not be worth the extra $20 for you.

Same bundle…less money

[MOD EDIT: Not the same bundle.]

Jeez, seems like the go pro is a little profit greedy. This seems like a good option for my yuneec drone that I was going to get a new gopro4 for. Why would I want to spend 400 bucks when I can have this for 85?

One other thing, looks like most of the more recent reviews on Amazon suck…but how can you go wrong for 60 bucks here:

[MOD EDIT: Not the same camera.]

Looks like Woot still can’t unload all of these. Lots of answers to your questions should be located below if they’re the same thing.

Sellout.woot sale

Previous Electronics.woot sale

I purchased & received this camera (AKASO-EK7000) from amazon last week. I have used it on my motorcycle once and it takes good pics & videos. I can’t compare it to a Gopro as I don’t own one.

The reason I purchased this camera is it has over 2000 reviews with a 4.6 out of 5 stars.

4k @ 10fps? So for realistic purposes, its a 1080p camera.

This is not a 4K UHD camera. It is a 1080p FHD at best. Your own specs list “OV4689 image sensor”. That sensor is not capable of 4K video.

How can you go wrong? You could lose $60. I got this

thinking the same but got a piece of junk: the picture quality is so bad that you would not use it for anything. So buyer beware.