ActionPro 4K UHD WiFi Sports Cam Bundle

Woot looks like they’re still trying to unload these. Lots of answers to your questions should be located below if they’re the same thing.

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Yet Another Electronics.woot Sale (01/19)

Sellout.woot Sale (01/14)

In previous sales of this item I’ve seen people link to this item for reviews:

However the one linked above is made by AKASO which got (4.5/5) with over 2,300 reviews, not ASX like the one listed by woot.

I wanted to get some reviews for this exact product. I spent some time but I haven’t been able to find this exact one anywhere (maybe I’m not looking hard enough). However, similar products (yes I know, not the exact same one) made by ASX have gotten mixed reviews overall in more than a few of their similar products which worries me.

ASX ActionPro Black - 4K @25FPS Ultra HD Wifi Sports Cam:
Notes: above camera list 25fps on 4k instead of 10 like the woot camera, no wrist remote, got (3.2/5)

ASX ActionPro Sports Camera - HD Waterproof/Shockproof Sports Camera:
Notes: again different camera quality, no wrist remote, got (3.3/5)

(MOST SIMILAR) ASX ActionPro Black w/ Dual Screens & Waterproof Wrist Remote - 4K Ultra HD Waterproof Wifi Cam - Dual Screens – Wrist Remote - Extra Battery - Carrying Case - 20 Accessories Inc:
Notes: Again higher camera quality with 25fps at 4k vs woot’s 10fps, looks like the exact same equipment comes with both, got (4.2/5)

Overall it doesn’t look like a bad camera for the price, but I’d like to see reviews for this exact same camera before I drop $100 on it. If it turns out Woot meant this camera gets 25fps @ 4k then please refer to the last link provided for review.