ActionPro 4K UHD WiFi Sports Cam Bundle

is this the same size as a gopro?

Camera dimensions: 3”x2”x1”

well thanks woot bot

Is the rechargeable battery replaceable?

4k video at 10fps, ouch.

Can you buy extra batteries for this here on your site. Also other attachments, are they available here.
Thank you

Just a heads up, the OV4689 image sensor is only 4 megapixels (2688x1520), so the 12MP still pictures and both the 2.7k and 4k video are faked by saving the file at a higher resolution.

For less than $20 more you can get a ThiEYE T5e which uses a 12MP Sony IMX117 sensor (same sensor used in the GoPro Hero 4 & 5) and Ambrella A12S (GoPro uses a different Ambrella). It shoots in real 4k at 30frames per second (this is the standard frame rate for NTSC Television) and takes real 12MP pictures.

For $70 you can get the Soocoo C30, which features the 12.4MP Sony IMX078 making is capable of 12MP stills, real 2.7k and 30FPS, 1080p60. In a pinch it will also shoot interlaced 4k at 24FPS (motion picture standard). a great added feature is its gyro for image stabilization - meaning clearer, less bumpy video.

Per the vendor: yes it is.

Where on earth is Woot coming up with a $599 retail on this product? Excessive.

The quality sucks im gety dissapointed i mean i wasnt expecting 4k but not even hd​:-1:t2::-1:t2:

The picture shows a wrist remote, yet the feature and spec doesnt mention it…what gives…

It’s included.