Actiontec My Wireless TV WiFi Video Kit

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Actiontec My Wireless TV WiFi Video Kit
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I’m really having a hard time understanding this thing…can someone explain the point of this?

From what I can figure out on my own its sort of a wireless cable between a source and the tv? Whats the benefit of this versus a hdmi direct from the source? If I’m reading correctly its not even able to pull from a network share via dlna or other stream.

I have the Actiontec transmitter connected to my cable box in the living room, with the receiver connected to the TV in my bedroom along with a remote control extender. That allows me to watch cable in the bedroom without needing a cable box – I control the living room box and view the output from it on the other side of the house. This is a great device, and I’ve never had a problem with it.

It’s a little more involved than that. You place the transmitter between your HDMI source and your local TV (the transmitter has a pass-thru HDMI connection for the local TV). You can then connect the receiver to a remote TV, which will display the same HDMI source as the local TV. This will allow you to run a second TV without adding a new source (e.g., cable box, directv receiver, etc.).

So since my cable company provides the cable boxes for free (up to 4), what else would I use this for? I mean, going by the two explanations so far, it seems like the feed would be the same on both TVs. I guess this is more for people who are getting charged extra for additional receivers?

Well, okay, you would not use this. But if you have to and don’t want to pay for the extra cable box or you don’t want to run cable somewhere, then this would be useful. I’ve used similar products for years and it saves me running cable where I don’t want it.

If, like me, you just want TV in the kitchen or some such and don’t care about the HDMI, then MONOPRICE can do this for you for $60. Just search audio video transmitter. It is just a composite connection but it does the job for when we’re cooking and is bearable for a second TV we have in the living room.

Verizon FIOS charges me 8.99 per box. I also had a tough time running the coax to two TV’s both on inside walls. I certainly couldn’t have easily have run it into the kitchen. The downside to this is it seems like you have to watch the same program as the master. Verizon’s packages suck anyway and I might just cancel the whole thing.

Can we get an explanation how this can be HDCP compliant when it suggests you can see the same video on two screens at the same time- exactly what HDCP is meant to prevent?

Will only non HDCP content be sent wirelessly?

This deal is the older model as well MWTV200KIT-01. Same price on Amazon but free shipping. There is also a newer model, MWTV2KIT01, for $178.99. Model numbers are kind of similar and could be easily confused.

News flash. There are many many more sources for television than cable, and probably most of them better quality than cable. i.e Apple TV, Roku, blah blah blah. That’s why cable providers give you so many boxes. Trying to make up for a crappy picture.

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what part makes you think so? to me it just sounds like if he’s in the other room, he uses the remote extender. if he’s in the living room he doesn’t need it. but sounds like the only downside is that if you turn on both tv’s they show the same program.

Where are you getting you have to unplug the cable box to use this? I don’t think you have to unplug anything.

My neighbor uses this type of device. His setup? With an outdoor electrical outlet installed on his outdoor fireplace he can take his tv or projector along with the receiver unit and effectively have cable tv and pay per view outside on his patio without running coax or hdmi outside. The broadcasting unit is on the main tv which is about 20 feet from the receiver separated by double pane windows and we saw no degradation in quality between either tv (both are visible from the patio).

How far will this throw the signal? Will is work between 1st and 2nd floor?