ActiveDesk DIY Standing Desk Base

This looks slick, but it doesn’t really say who the manufacturer is?

ActiveDesk is the brand.

Does anyone know where I can buy a complimentary top for this?

I haven’t found any reference to this company online- if anyone can find any websites please share. I am also wondering where to buy a desk top for this or how a desk top would affix onto the top- is it just gravity? (Ikea has desk tops and sells a similar sitting to standing desk for more than this, not sure if they are compatible though).

More info would be really helpful, woot minions!

Ok found the mothership page here (I think).

There is a nice video there which shows how to connect the base to a desk; you will have to drill your own holes.

The other 2 models posted here have tops. Unless by complimentary, you mean “free.”

This is the mother ship website.

you can go to Ikea and buy a top from 40 to 80 dollars…