Actual Cats, HOOOO





I don’t think a shirt could get more purrfect than this.


Why is the lion wearing a mechanical armpiece thing on his left arm?

Yeahhh, I see it now…


In case you don’t get this shirt’s reference:


Snarf snarf…





Thundercats = Actually Thundercat Man Strippers

Do yourselves a favor and don’t google “Thunder from Down Under”


I want to be on their team…fierce.


Love cats, but the name of the shirt is the only thing I like about it. :confused:




I was trying to figure out Mac OS versions.


Don’t wear this in front of Sigfried & Roy. Yes it’s still too soon!


Just in case some of you out there are wonder what this references:

Take a trip to the 80’s and discover what you’ve been missing.


This shirt is the cat’s meow… or roar, or something.


This looks like a simplistic cartoon design at first, but when you start to spot the details, you see some great highlighting and subtle-but-effective halftones on the cats.

Well done, Kari Fry.


omg omg omg omg this is so great. Somebody hold me back, I might have to buy one. I need to sleep on it.


So, do they poop on Mumra’s side of the bed when they’re -really- angry?

This is AWESOME, Kari!!! In for one for sure, and just in time for a con, buwahaha! My nerdery, it will shine!


Anyone who missed 80’s Saturday morning cartoons must have a truly outrageous hole in their heart.


Movie coming next year