Actual Cats, HOOOO

Not that I don’t like the occasional mutant turtle, but it’s nice to see an 80’s reference that doesn’t limit itself to just the one cartoon.

Now, would some one care to do an “Inspector Gadget” reference? Or Ducktales maybe…wooo wooo?

Where’s the Thunder?

I’m lion-Oooooooo!!!

Ohhh when I read “home for all the cartoon animals people just abandoned” I hoped that I didn’t look close enough and it was a conglomeration of all the cats from favorite kids movies, Simba, twin siamese cats, etc. I was momentarily extremely excited. That would have been an insta-buy.
I haven’t seen thundercats :frowning:

No, no you’re doing it wrong. See, you buy the shirt, then you sleep In it, not on it.

Aside from the spiked colar, Are they naked? cause I don’t see any of them wearing the Pre - Lady Gaga leotards.

No Gnews is good Gnews…

Oh Great Space Coaster, why didn’t you ever come get me?

Don’t fret my loyal and faithful Wooters. It will take more than Mumm-Ra’s evil magic to dim the Eye of Thundera.

Inspector Gadget… Now that’s a theme song you can sing along to. Smurfs?

I’m conflicted, I don’t know if I should say, “ROOOOAAAARR” or “MEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWWW”

LOL at first I thought this was a Kung-fu Panda reference because of the way the tiger was drawn. I think this shirt could have been even more awesome with a bolt of lighting.


Wait wait…Im failing to see how Googling this WASNT a favor… Hooohoooohoooooo!!!

Seconded. Do they even have Saturday morning cartoons anymore?

that wikipedia article doesn’t have any pictures D;

Nunchucks would have made it an instant buy. Gonna hafta sleep on it.

Teddy Ruxpin, not Ruxbin

Does this mean the shirt must stay in the Reckoning until the new TV series is released in July? :slight_smile:

Did someone says Cats?

There’s a poster over there with a look of surprise
As much as to say well now how about that?
Do I actually see with my own very eyes
A poster who’s not heard of a Thundercat cat?

Insta-buy…got one for me and one for my son. Hoooooooo!

NICE! Like it… I’m seeing a whole makeover of the play… Webber- Out of the way… :wink: