Actual Cats, HOOOO

In for two. My son will love it too, having watched the T-cats on demand recently.

I’d actually love to see a sister shirt to this with the bad guys as their original animals as well.

A friend shamed me this past weekend when I failed to recognize the meaning of his shirt: black tee with a red circle on the chest, the profile of a black panther in the circle. He asked everyone else at the bar and they all knew what it stood for!

Seeing him Friday and I know what I’ll be wearing. Thanks for the free overnight shipping (coupon), Woot!

Please oh please create a villain version of this. Or maybe just Muh-mutt shirt or something.

In other news, the space shuttle Endeavour just landed for the last time.

One more space shuttle launch and land to go. Sad to see the end of this program.

Upcoming Thundercats anime.

Lol. Very funny!

At least Cheetara is still hot after having a litter.


You beat me to it :slight_smile:

It’s nice to hear he’s being taken care of in his retirement.

I certainly hope Mumm-Ra gets some love at some point. That poor guy can’t buy himself out of his tomb…

Thundercats bloopers :slight_smile:

NWS for language: Thundercat Outtakes - YouTube

80’s :)))))) congrats!

The beauty of this is I still can’t figure out what Snarf is.

^___^ -Great- work Kari!

Just when you think lions couldn’t get any more fierce they start arming themselves with grappling hook claws.

I actually saw that show in person. VERY Impressive :smiley:

gees, my shirt collection is now taking over my dresser. when is pants.woot launching?

subtle Cat o’ nine tails pun ftw.

Is it just me, or does Snarf have hollow eye sockets? I don’t remember him being blessed with blindness beyond blindness.

Right now, that’s the biggest block between my cursor and the yellow button.

Also, no Jaga love?

Y’know something, the cartoons of my youth simply have not withstood the test of time. I tried watching Robotech and it was a fail, same thing with Star Blazers and G-force. I almost puked when I saw the Thundercats intro…

That was Tygra’s weapon in the cartoon…

Ugh… another unoriginal T-shirt based on something someone else created.

We need this one like we need more Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, etc. T-shirts.

Everything is a remix.