AcuRite 00613 Humidity Monitor w/ Indoor Thermometer

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AcuRite 00613 Humidity Monitor w/ Indoor Thermometer
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I’ve had one of these in my office for a number of years. It seems reasonably accurate and the battery lasts forever.

Amazon price $10.30
Woot Price $5.99 + $5 = $10.99.
Bad deal if you only in for 1. But good deal of you’re getting something else and/or more than one.

i’ve had this unit in my bedroom for just under two years and haven’t had to replace the battery yet. when using a friend’s “tried and true” similar device for comparison, i have found that this is a very accurate unit.

one note, though: i’m not sure that the assessments of low versus OK versus high humidity are especially helpful, since my sensor has only reached “high” a few times in its history (through all types of weather and even being placed next to a humidifier), but the specific humidity percentage and temperature tracking over time are quite useful.

I got one of these a couple years ago and it’s been stuck to my fridge ever since. Mostly I use it to manage my apartment’s insane humidity thanks to a 1940’s steam heater.

The magnet on the back isn’t the strongest but otherwise no complaints. As others have said the battery seems to last quite a while; I have yet to change the one in mine.

I have 1 at the office, fairly accurate. I also have 3 at home 1 on the fridge and 1 in each of my humidors. These work great for the humidors as the ones I got from online cigar shops sucked. I got mine at Home Depot for about 10 bucks at the time. I have not changed the battery in over 3 years.

My dad uses this model in his tomato greenhouse, and it gives a reliable enough reading for that.

Love it-- in for 10! Got a few for me and my dad. Do I yell out WOOT instead of YAHTZEE now? (I do that anyway.)

I had one of these in my snake tank for about eight years before the battery died, it was very useful.

I don’t know what happened to it, but I bet if I found it and stuck a new battery in it it’d work fine.

Sadly my corn snake is gone so I don’t need it back any time soon.

I got one of these YEARS ago. Temperature readings are OK, but the humidity is never right.

My weather station (by the same company) that I got during the Birthday Woot-Off is more accurate on the indoor humidity readings.

And, yes, the battery lasts for a LONG time. I think in the over 10 years I’ve had mine, I’ve maybe changed the battery 3 times.