AcuRite 01012M Weather Station

AcuRite 01012M Weather Station

I bought an AcuRite last year from woot. Unfortunately AcuRite decided to discontinue the web service interface for the version that I bought and tried to charge me over $100 to get a new updated version to get the thing to work on the Internet again. beware of this company


Hello wispdesign,

We hope that you were able to take advantage of the discount that was offered to SmartHub users. If you have questions as to why we are retiring the previous product or advantages of the new one please feel free to reach out to support.

So - do you have to plug it into a power source and ethernet but it’s still outside somehow? Sorry if this sounds technically dumb but that’s what the description sounds like - I would need to run ethernet outside?

Hi cosgar1,

This part of the package will stay inside and connected to a power source and ethernet and receive the transmissions of the sensor placed outside.

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Don’t you just hate it when you buy a product but find support doesn’t go on. I wish these companies were required to list service life date(s). Logitech is bad for this too and that’s why I don’t buy Logitech products. I have a AcuRite device but it’s not wifi (requires USB tether to an online PC).

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To confirm, does this have a rain gauge?

Also, is it the current version that will allow me to use it with the web interface and services like Weather Underground?

Hello scottkaiser,

Great questions! Yes there is a rain gauge built into the 5-in-1 sensor and the Access hub that is included allows you to interface with Weather Underground.

Here is a view and description of the 5-in-1 sensor.



Bass Pro Shops had these for Black Friday for 119, and I almost pulled the trigger. Until I read the reviews on BSPs site, which was filled with people saying these break after about a year and the customer support is non existent.

Hi Greshmahg,

Bass Pro does have some of our 5-in-1 weather stations but are slightly different versions. AcuRite has made improvements to the sensor over the years and we continue to improve based off of our great customer feedback. If you have specific questions regarding your concerns please feel free to reach out to our support which is available through Live Chat or email.

Costco has a fairly comparable La Crosse weather station in store for $79.99. Can anyone make any recommendations on brand?

I think it is this one but not sure.

I owned one of these systems a couple years ago. Be aware that the outside temperature readings will be inaccurate, especially in the morning before the sun powers up the internal fan. I never could get mine to work right, even after upgrading to the dual-panel housing. I replaced it with an Ambient Weather system, which works much better and provides native connectivity to Weather Underground. (If you still want one, though, I’ll sell you mine. :wink:)

I too own one of these systems and had it for about 6 months before Acurite decided they wanted to bend their customers over a barrel and force us to buy new equipment in order to keep the same functionality we initially purchased! While overall I am happy with the system, as DRP6833 says, the temperature is somewhat inaccurate even with the upgraded solar panel. But come Feb 28th it will basically become worthless to me, when they end support for the SmartHub and I will not be able to see my weather readings on the web or the phone app.

When they initially made the decision to end support, it was in August 2018! There was an extremely large uprising of unhappy customers on a forum post, that Acurite has since removed, threatening lawsuits for breach of warranty support agreement. Acurite then extended the deadline to Feb 2019 so get out of that jam. So I say that to say that I would be very cautious to buy from them, as they may, at any time, “pull the plug” on the support of your equipment just like they have already done before.

Here is a link to the Acurite blog post with more info.