AcuRite 01078M Pro Weather Station with 2 Displays

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AcuRite 01078M Pro Weather Station with 2 Displays
Price: $125.99
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This is a decent price if you are looking at dipping your toe into home weather sensors.

Here are a few things to know:

If you want to upload your data, you’ll need to either connect one of the displays to a computer via USB or spend more money (their SmartHub or third party solutions (I use a Raspberry Pi and an SDR)).

While I believe they’ll keep selling these, they had a fancier line of sensors being released any day now. They were in beta in the Fall.

wasnt it 54.00 at costco during xmas? i bought one and returned it after reading some of the reviews…that one and the other popular brand, i read, do not hold up long term

Mine has held up just fine. I have been using it since 2012. Yes, you either have to connect to a computer or purchase the ACURITE ACCESS box to post on the internet at wunderground and acurite.

My AcuRite has been a PITA. It always had trouble connecting to the Internet, and now some of the sensors are failing. I wish I had gone with a different product/manufacturer.

Hmmm. I bought a similar unit with only one display back in December that I still haven’t set up yet:

Not sure what value is in the “hub” since I’m probably not going to buy more sensors, so I think a second display would end up being more useful. Oh well.

How do these compare to the LaCross SB 4060 that Sams Club sells for $80?

The fan that cools the temperature sensor typically fails, so you get up to a 10 degree false high temp. AcuRite will send you an upgraded fan though, if you complain. This will mostly fix that issue.

My rain gauge failed after a year. I wouldn’t buy it again.

This is not the one that was at Costco

The one at Costco on sale at Xmas for around $60 was this one

La Crosse 5-in-1 Professional Wireless Weather Station
Model #84428

I bought one and installed it at my parents house. Will wait and install the rain gauge when weather warms here in the midwest but everything else works great.

Maybe you were thinking of the La Crosse version.. I have the non-two unit version of this weather station and it’s “ok”, I like the La Crosse better (yes, I have both up and running). At least with the La Crosse unit, I don’t have to keep my PC on to get push notifications or check weather at home. Night stand is cluttered enough so the smaller “2nd monitor” is fine. I’ve had both brands in the past, just keep upgrading LOL, I like the Lacrosse better and the program from AcuRite keeps crashing w/o notice and two days later, you notice you are no longer getting updates. Both have their pros/cons but for almost half the price, I’ll stick with my La Crosse.

I got one for Xmas. I set it up and so far it works great. But you do need a wirless hub if you want to upload to internet or view on your phone.

Costco had an acurite for Christmas 2016. I got that and it has held up fine. I use underthewx for Mac. I’m likely going to switch it to using my linux box or raspberry pi and a rtl-sdr. @craigthom what did you use to upload? Weewx?

Units with the Smart Hub will allow you to track the weather remotely by using MyAcurite or Weather Underground. AcuRite recently replaced the SmartHub with the Access which is an updated version and in my non-scientific study, holds a better signal with the outside unit.

This is fair deal. If it were me, I’d go with a unit that comes with a Hub/Acess and the HD display. They occasionally go on sale on AcuRite’s site for around $150. I have two of those units and they’ve been chugging along just fine since late August in the variable temps and conditions of New England.

I bought the same one in November and set it up. I had to get creative to mount it to our mast on the roof but have not had a single issue setting it up, calibrating or maintaining a connection with Weather Underground (KNCHILLS21).
The private view gives you lots of current and historical data options.

Opt for the smart hub. You’ll look way cooler checking the weather at the house on your smart phone from your workplace.

can this one be accessed through your cell phone?

I’m using weewx, which I’m very happy with. It’s stable. It requires some Linux work to get it configured.

I’m using rtl_433 and an SDR. One thing to keep in mind is that the pressure sensor is in the display, so you’ll lose it if you go SDR.

I connected a BMP280 breakout board to the Raspberry Pi and wrote a weewx driver in Python to read it. There’s probably an easier way, but this was a lot of fun.

Weewx does not upload to MyAcurite, but it does to everywhere else. It also generates Web pages. They are customizable, but I use the default at

AcuRite pushed notifications/weax to your cell phone once you set up your account and device. The older units required you to plug it into your PC and leave your PC on 24/7 if you wanted to get “home” weather. But the old software would stop working after a few days. And for some reason, everytime I plugged a USB drive into my PC, the AcuRite software would open.

When you say SDR, are you talking about “Software Defined Radio”? If so, what’s your xmitter, the Pi?