AcuRite 01078M Pro Weather Station with 2 Displays

Excuse my ignorance but…what advantage does this have over googling the weather?

More than 180,000 people run their own weather-tracking devices from home. They prefer to have more relevent and localized data instead of relying on data from the nearest official site…often many miles away. When these sites are linked…such as Weather Underground…you get a much more accurate and complete weather picture; and it’s available to anyone. So in that sense, you get some satisfaction of participating in “something bigger than you.”
As an avid gardener, I frequently make use of the historical data the system generates for my location as well. Maybe someone else can chime in on why they opted to purchase one of these.

It’s $129 on Amazon. With prime same price and you can return it if it sucks.

Come on Woot. Really ?

This one comes with 2 displays, I believe the one you’re referencing is for the single display. This is ours:

Yes, software-defined radio. The transmitter is the weather sensor (actually six sensors, this 5-in-1, a lightning detector, and four temp/humidity sensors around the house). They all transmit at 433 MHz.

The receiver is a cheap DVB-T digital TV receiver (it was $12 at the time). On the Pi I’m running rtl-sdr and rtl-433. The former controls the receiver; the latter decodes the data packets from the weather sensors. This has worked flawlessly for ten months.

The weewx SDR driver runs rtl-433 and gets the data packets that way.