AcuRite 01106M PRO+ 5-in-1 Weather Station

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AcuRite 01106M PRO+ 5-in-1 Weather Station
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I’ve got one of these. This is a good price.

As shipped you connect the display to your computer and run a program to upload the data to Acurite and Weather Underground.

There’s a third party Linux program called weewx that I use. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to justify getting a Raspberry Pi to play with, this could be it. weewx runs fine on one, eliminating the need to keep your computer on and logged in.

My Weather Underground page is here, and the (default) Web page generated by weewx is here.

The temperature does run a little high when a bright sun is shining directly on it, but I haven’t checked to make sure my fan is running.

Do you know if the smartphone app works with it connected to a raspberry pi? Or do you have to use the weewx samrtphone webpage? You have implemented exactly how I would go about it so this was a great and timely post.

Their app only works with data uploaded to their site. It doesn’t communicate directly with the station. I don’t think weewx can upload to their site, although you could probably add that functionality if you were ambitious.
I am currently uploading to WU, CWOP, WOW, and PWSWeather.

I can bring up Weather Underground’s page on my phone’s browser, so I don’t think I’m missing anything. I don’t think their app shows inside temperature or humidity.

I’ve gotten carried away (adding a pressure sensor board to the RPi, reading this 5-in-1 sensor directly with SDR, adding another outside sensor (with lightning detection) and four inside sensors, etc.), but for basic use a Pi, weewx, and the display that comes with it are good enough.

This display only supports the single 5-in-1 sensor, but that’s really all most people will need.

I bought this unit and was so excited to have a new toy to add to my endless hobbies. lol I am a Systems administrator and have been around PC’s and servers for 15 years. So I’m fairly good at installing and configuring software and electronic devices. Do yourself a favor; no not buy from this company. This device will not connect to my laptop/PC. The only way to see your weather at home live is to leave you PC turned on at all times. The touch screen is slow to respond and you can’t read it unless you are 4 feet from it. I contacted the company for tech support and they do not respond. Also, look at the negative comments from their own community support site from their customers.

Great post!
I just bought one of these weather stations on Woot.
The nearest WX station to my home is almost a mile away, so I’ve been wanting to get one of these.
I’m so glad I went back and read posts from previous Woots.
I liked your idea about the Raspberry Pi so much I ordered one after reading your post. Now I don’t have to tie up my Laptop.
The best feature on Woot! is the discussion forums. I don’t buy anything until I see what others are saying. Thanks for sharing and Keep on Wooting!