AcuRite 02007 Digital Weather Station

AcuRite 02007 Digital Weather Station

The screens on these are beautiful when read head-on but are terrible from any other angle. Mine has been relegated to the bedroom night stand rather than the living room where intended and it works great as a gentle night light and wake-up weather info.

Woot, a member since 2007 and check in daily. That’s about to halt. You have managed to destroy the comment section. Notice how many are NOT commenting now? It’s unintuitive and hard to navigate. Others must think so too because there are nearly no comments anymore and it’s the comments that provoke my purchases.

I don’t NEED anything WOOT sells. I come here for fun and occasional purchases. Those days are coming to an end if this difficult-to-use comments system remains. Everything has a shelf life.


Point taken, but the lack of comments may also mean the lack of traffic.
Since the Amazon takeover, it just hasn’t been the same.
I miss the old Woot :slightly_frowning_face:


I completely agree with ctom regarding the comments section. This is what happens when you tell someone to fix something that isn’t broken. I’ve been here since 2006 and only occasionally check the site out these days. It’s like someone is deliberately destroying what made Woot worthwhile in the first place. To me this is inexplicable. I can’t see any possible advantage unless the Amazon overlords just want to cut it loose and get rid of the people involved.


I keep mine in the bathroom where, like ctom’s, it works well as a nightlight. I like having it in there so I can check it as I’m getting ready for my day. The reading angles are a bit hinky, but it’s really not that big a deal in my use case–take a step to the left or right and you’re good. Here’s a shot I took last month when Hurricane Michael was passing through my neighborhood. You can see the record of the atmospheric pressure dropping over time.

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Yes, I agree that it is now harder to comment, I first tried to post a comment about 15 minutes ago, and am now just able to make a comment. Also, if a comment thread is already started, it seems to be a bit “less difficult” to post a comment, but creating the initial post is “challenging”.

Hello Codex,

I am glad to hear that this weather station helps you get your day started! Thank you for sharing that screen shot from your weather station when Hurricane Michael was passing through, interesting to see the decline in the pressure.


Thank you for your comment. This unit is a LCD screen and can be finicky at certain angles. We are glad to hear you found the best solution for you.

They used to show a number on the “Discuss this deal” button on the first page.

That let me know there were comments there.

They removed this at some point. I stopped clicking it because I thought there were no comments.


Exactly…The comment section change is a disastrous mess. I agree with everyone that has commented on it with justified criticism. At the very least, find a way to indicate whether or not there are comments without having to click from the item’s page to find out.


Hi there. Thank you for the feedback on the forums. We’re going to add a comment count back. We just weren’t able to do it before launch. Our old forums were built on decade old beta software. We had to update as there was no other option forward.


You have heard the phrase “Don’t fix what ain’t broke” right? This move was not forward. Updating the old software could have been done without losing functionality. In fact, in my experience that is usually among the goals when doing software development. Yes, that was a bit sarcastic, sorry.

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Comment frequency dropped-off long before the forum change. I suspect this was caused by too many products, too many sub-sites, and too many forum pages to keep up with.

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Could someone say what this looks like on dimmest setting? I have a similar product from a different company and the outdoor sensor started eating batteries; want a replacement. This one is dark on lowest setting, and I like it.

I loved the old forums, but as TT said it was decade old beta software. “Don’t fix what ain’t broke” is great for your hammer but is disastrous in technology. Constant threats of security exploits. The software now in use, named Discourse, is strange compared to a lot of older forum software but eventually you get used to it and start to appreciate it. It has taken me years but I’m finally ok with using it on other sites. I’m happy to see Woot make the plunge into a modern software.

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I agree that eventually you can get to tolerate anything if it is all you have. Older software is only a risk if it is never patched. With Amazon in control there is no excuse to have unpatched software, nor is there an excuse to use newer inferior software. They have the resources to do this in house and make it as secure as they want without compromising functionality. I have been an I.T. pro for 25 years and have multiple certifications, including security and intrusion prevention. It’s not rocket science.

Sure, they could pay a several person team to take up development and auditing of an otherwise abandoned software (or write their own) but that’s not exactly cost effective compared to using perfectly functional modern software (and maybe sending some fixes upstream if they find issues, further contributing to open source software). Plus, Discourse as a software is more inviting to folks these days, matching other web experiences better.

Don’t get me wrong; I love old web design. But, this feels like a much better fit for Woot trying to stay modern.