AcuRite 5-in-1 Environment Station

This is a pretty good deal considering you get the smart hub as part of the package, they normally sell for about 70 to 80 by themselves.
It also appears to have the slightly better 5 in 1 sensor with the dual solar panels so your getting a lot of better gear by them for your money.
I have the hub and a 5 in 1 pro with a 2032 display and I really like the package and share my station 24/7 with weather underground and have the android widget that will show my data on my smart phone, very handy.
If anyone out there is a weather geek this is a great package for the money as of now.

Just an FYI, the Smart hub software version that came on mine was hopelessly out of date, (210 vs current 221). The company is sending a new unit under warranty.