AcuRite PRO+ Weather Station w/HD Display

Here is the description at the AcuRite sight:

From what’s there, seems to be a good pro-sumer level device, but possibly not for the dedicated weather nerd.

Definitely not for pro’s as there are some issues with proper ambient temperatures, but great for starter WX nerds.

I’d like to get that HD monitor separately for my older set up!

Is this enough to get you up and running as a WU station?


Not a “deal”, as this price is the regular sale price offered on Accu Rite’s website. $199 just this past week in fact.

Also you get free shipping when ordered directly from Acurite.
So direct from them is the better deal.

That’s correct, and I just checked the price, it’s still $199.97 for this exact setup. The other offerings are good deals. The Smarthub, and three sensors are $99 over on AcuRite.

Yes, and you can get the equivalent, newer package for ten dollars less at Amazon, shipping free with Prime.

Yep, and you can use the coupon code below to get 15% ($30) off at Acurite site, so cost is $169.97, free shipping and no tax. I just ordered one. Code is 15OFF100

Thank You. Saved $55 over Woot price.

I’ve always wondered how to get the prestigious quality post designation. Now I see I have one but when and for what did I get it?

Fantastic, thank you!

Just to note that a new model is coming soon. They said it would be released by spring 2017 but now its pushed back to late summer/fall 2017.

This model remedies a few issues with the current model.

Works perfectly. Thanks for the code

Placed my order back during this woot to Acurite. I called today and they magically canceled my order with no word.

Acurite canceled your order you placed with them? Because I don’t see an order with Woot.