AcuRite PRO+ Weather Station w/HD Display

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AcuRite PRO+ Weather Station w/HD Display
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Since this is listed as “pro+” I want to be sure it has the upgraded temperature sensor. Does it?

What is that solar panel looking thing on the sensor?

A solar panel.

Bought a similar model from amazon and spent a lot more money. This could be a good back up kit. The weather under ground deal is cool but I can’t even tell if it is working at all. The unit was easy to set up and the smart hub is working as advertised. Glad I haven’t experienced some of the bad reviews posted over at the mother ship. My experience has been a decent one so far, although it could have been cheaper like this one.

That’s a solar panel,there are two of them on this model,to power an internal fan to pull outside air into the sensor housing, which makes the temperature readings more accurate. The solar panel is oriented to the south, in the northern hemisphere, to get the most sunlight exposure.

The solar panels only power the aspirating fan. The sensor assembly still requires AA batteries.

Anybody able to comment on the transmitter’s battery life? Specifically in Northern US with the usual summer & winter weather, how often do you need to replace batteries?

Have the older color version that I later added a hub to. The batteries in the outside sensor last about a year, maybe more so be sure to set it up so you can reach it to change batteries and whatever else like clean out the rain gauge spot.
With the hub I’m on Wunderground and I even have a weather widget on my phone either from them or Acurite.
The apps will show temp display with tenths, the actual display units on your desk will not if that’s important to you. Every so often the hub will drop connection and last time it was a problem between Wunderground and Acurite not doing something to play nice together and they worked on it together and fixed it. The 5 in 1 and 5 in 1 pro are modular so if anything breaks you can get replacement parts that are easy to change out.
They will replace things up to a year then you can buy parts if anything breaks.
The display units all work with about any outside sensor they sell too so you can buy extras if you want one in every room you spend time in.
I have a 2032 color display and a older 1500 LCD display and they both pick up my latest 5 in 1 pro display fine,
I think this is a great deal considering you get the better 5 in 1 pro, a hub, and the new HD display as all that stuff together at retail is probably over 200 bucks piece by piece.