AcuRite Weather Station 02007

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AcuRite Weather Station 02007
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Product Page with Reviews

Does it include an AC adapter or batteries? If you use batteries does the display stay on continuously or only when you walk over and push a button?

You have to push a button if you use batteries. It displays for 4 seconds after pushing the button. Plugging it in will give you continuous display.

Thanks for that information. Woot should have included it in their description. They didn’t mention if the AC adapter was included or that it needs 5 AA batteries.

Does the unit come with the AC adapter? The description SPEC does not say.

Does this predict future hour by hour rain and wind speed? If so, how many hours ahead will it predict?

The description talks about combining the sensor data with regional weather information - does that mean it requires WiFi?

Nope. It uses it’s own forecasting algorithm. From their website:

“All AcuRite weather stations come with a wireless outdoor weather sensor. AcuRite weather sensors track changes in temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, right in your backyard. To account for fine-scale microclimatic details, Precision Forecasting combines your selected Geo Zone algorithm with the data collected by your outdoor sensor to personalize your weather forecast for your exact location.”

My personal review of AcuRite weather sensors: I use their basic unit for temperature only, but it’s the same sensor as this model. It works great, very accurate, and the battery on the outdoor sensor lasts seemingly forever, I think I replace it less than once a year. Living in the Midwest it’s taken readings as low as -20 and as high as 100. The range is very good as well, I get close to 100’ through a couple walls.

On a side note: please remember to place your outdoor sensor in the SHADE and away from any objects that will allow heat to radiate from the sun to the sensor. This is the biggest mistake people make with any outdoor thermometer, temperature needs to be accurately measured in the shade.

I am curious about this myself. I am thinking about getting one for a while now. I don’t get the forecasting though.

See my comment above, it forecasts using the technology that your grandparents (or great grandparents) used. Barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature changes. It’s rudimentary, but it might work. Given the mixed reviews on Amazon, it really depends on where you are located.

Thanks. I guess I don’t need all that BS when I have a phone. I think I will just get the basic one.

Anyone know if it comes with an adapter to plug it in?

The Amazon page says yes.

“Display is electric-powered by power adapter (included).”

Curious as well. Seems to be an older version that did not have an adapter and a newer one that does have an a/c adapter.

I have had their larger weather stations for over a year. I use four of these sensors in my outbuildings and garage.

Their new iPhone app and browser software is great and I use it daily. I cannot speak for this station but the app and sensor has worked great for me with very few issues.

Thanks for your advice… Really wish to get it by month end…

I have a small chicken coop in my backyard with a few birds. Could I put this sensor in there (I have an electricity outlet) and accurately measure the humidity and temperature? I am not really interested in forecasts or regional forecasts, just hyper-local conditions.

Does the remote device also provide accurate “from your backyard” temperature? I’ve had a similar device for years that doesn’t but receives weather forecasts which are displayed on the screen. Really want one that provides accurate backyard temps. Much more useful when you have realtime from your location temperature plus a forecast for your area.