AcuRite Weather Station 02007

I have the 75077 weather station that appears to use the same sensor as this one. One thing to note about the sensor is that the antenna is very directional. You should aim the side of the sensor, not the front or back, toward the weather station for best reception.

No one from Woot is answering you, therefore the answer is NO.

We’re checking with the vendor. We’re pretty sure it does but we want to verify.

I bought an off brand of something like this at Aldi’s about a year ago. If you use the AC adapter and leave the display on it adds about 4 degrees of indoor temperature from the light bulb (albeit a small one) to the reading. Turning it to DIM gives a correct reading but you can’t see the display as well. I wonder if this one does the same thing. After all you want to see the readings not squint for them and hope they’re close to being accurate as possible.

I have one of their big stations, a 2032 color screen. With it you have wind speed and direction, temp, humidity, rain amount and inches per hour, barometric pressure, wind gusts and average wind, etc. You have to setup a sensor on a pole or something similar preferably in the open above the roof of your house or a high fence or something.
It comes with a year warranty and they do support it and honor their warranty and they even sell spare parts cheap enough to fix or upgrade the unit as it gets old and things go bad. They don’t make the best station out there but they do make one of the best accurate and full featured ones out there for the money. They also have a forum on their web site for users to compare notes and get help with problems and several weather forums have sub forums just for their stations where real users compare notes and some of the actual employees of Acurite post and help users get units fixed or figure out how to use them.
If you just want to know basic stuff like the temps and pressure and don’t want to setup a elaborate station this is a good unit, otherwise get a real station and set it up properly. I now share my data on Weather UnderGround too since I added the internet bridge that picks up data from the sensor and allows it on the network to be shared and work with all their apps that are free. I started with units like this and quickly decided I wanted all the info I could get but starting here will let you know if you want to spend the money to upgrade and get all the info or this is good enough for your needs.

Costco (newer model?) same price as Woot! +shipping. Hmmm.®-02008A1-Digital-Weather-Station-with-Reverse-Color-Display.product.100083138.html

What else can this penetrate?

Hmmmm. Seems to have less features. That model costs less on the Acurite site. Have Google. Will Research.

It’s NOT a “weather station”; if it were, it would have wind speed & direction, barometric pressure and trend, and possibly other features.

It’s an inside-outside thermometer/hygrometer.