AcuRite Weather Station Bundles, Your Choice

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AcuRite Weather Station Bundles, Your Choice
Price: $52.99 - 89.99
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8/31/2017 - $54.99 - 89.99

I have a slightly older version of the Pro. Love it. I wouldn’t call it super accurate though, but it’s close enough. I also have the wireless SmartHub ( ) network attachment part so I push my data up to Weather Underground. Great fun for anyone who enjoys the “backyard” life.

Is that the $79.99 AcuRite smartHUB that you’re using to upload? Looking for a birthday present for my own smartHUBBY. (ETA: Thanks for the link.)

Also, any comments on how the weathervane stands up to wind? We just went through Irma with sustained 50 mph and gusts up in the 70’s, so I’m wondering if we’d need to uninstall every time a big storm threatens us.

If these came with the network bridge I’d be on it.

Not sure how this unit mounts. I have a Davis Vantage VUE weather station that went through Irma without a problem. If mounted properly – I would expect most stations would survive.

Other than wind they are pretty accurate. Wind though won’t be correct unless you have a very open place around

I bought the Pro 5-in-1 Color Bundle a couple months ago and agree on the accuracy. In addition to putting the outdoor sensor in an open area (I installed mine on the roof peak of our garage), you also have to make sure that it is facing directly South, otherwise wind direction will be inaccurate. It also maximizes the amount of sunlight on the two solar panels. Installing it level is also very important, but the bubble level on top of the sensor itself makes it much easier. Good quality product so far!

I just tried to order the AcuRite Pro 5-in-1 color weather station and portable lightening detector BUT I when I click on it, nothing happens.
Guess they don’t really have them to sell!

I have been a weather buff for years, and this is the first weather station I have purchased. Just a had a severe thunder storm go through with high winds. Wind gauge read peak gust 22 MPH. I should know not to buy electronics from woot.