Ad Lib Australian Malbec (6)

Ad Lib Australian Malbec 6-Pack
Sold by: Middleton Family Wines
$49.99 $126.00 60% off List Price
2012 Ad Lib Avant Gardening Malbec, Frankland, Western Australia

Sounds nice. Would love to see notes from the winemaker and anyone that’s tried it.
FWIW, loved the Ad Lib Tree Hugger Chardonnay from a while back. Nicely done in a slightly French style.

Bought this last time it was offered. Really nice mild red. Great for summer cooking on the grill and tomato sauce dishes. I’ll see if I can get a real review up later this morning.

Review: “The bouquet was not unlike that of poison ivy mixed in with roses and a meandering tarantula. The high note was akin to Frankie Valli hitting the top tone in “Sherry”. The finish was like Usain Bolt being tripped at the tape. Mildly alkaline on the palate, like the Clorox my wife tried to kill me with.” - Comments by famed Connoisseur Ben Dover.

Being the internet, it’s hard for me to tell if this is humor or an adverse review. I suspect humor, but I’ve seen some pretty scathing reviews.

From Ben Dover? SRSLY?

We had a local radio DJ named Benjamin Dover, or Ben Dover. LOL

funny stuff, inaccurate, but funny stuff!