Ad Lib Middle of Everywhere Shiraz (6)

Picking Date: February 2012
Bottled: March 2013
The wine spent six months in new and one year old oak prior to bottling.

I guess things (like time?!) work differently down under. But the '09 is pretty good, so I’ll take a chance. I’m in for one.

Oops! I would have been in, but it doesn’t ship to Illinois. Funny, the 2009 did.

Ha, when I first read it, I thought it said the wine spent 6 months in new oak and one year in old oak, which does make for some interesting math. But what it actually says is that it spent six months in new and one-year-old oak (hyphens added), which is a whole nother ball of wax. (Whoever said punctuation doesn’t matter was wrong!)

Yes, they hyphens do make it clear. I should have picked up on that.

Okay, so they haven’t discovered some sort of time-travel aging. And we don’t know what proportion of new oak was used. But I’d still be game to buy some if they shipped to IL.

Hi, Stacey with Middleton Family Wines.

Sorry we can’t ship to IL at the moment. Dealing with updating some compliance issues.

Looks like you got those issues dealt with-- at least now I see IL shaded on the map and the system just accepted my order. Thanks for whatever you did.