Ad Lib Shiraz (6)

Ad Lib Shiraz 6 Pack
Sold by: Middleton Family WInes
$49.99 $143.00 65% off List Price
2009 Ad Lib Middle of Everywhere Shiraz, Frankland River, Australia

Was offered in January. $5 less this time. Also an $11 increase in suggested retail this time, how does that happen? :slight_smile:

Anyway, any notes? Holding up?

Did NJ drop off the list since January? It’s impossible to know if this was an oversight, or if the license wasn’t renewed.

And Happy Easter


This review is hopeful.

Someone suggested a higher price this time. :wink:

In for one, I think.

Checked the backend and NJ was removed at the last minute. I’m guessing the license wasn’t renewed. Sorry.

I read somewhere recently that Aussie wines do not hold up well because of ripened fruit at picking. It was mentioned 2-3 years after bottling. If true, not to sure about this offer. Thoughts anyone?

Happy Easter!!!


I think some of that notion has been dispelled. Some of the over the top Aussie Parker wines of years past are coming into their own and ending up aging nicely. But that’s a generalization. 2 to 3 years certainly doesn’t scare me, but this is getting on over 7 so I’m with you be it Aussie or US. Tempted to give it a shot as this does have a decent pedigree. Now if it was Bordeaux I’d be arguing it still needs 10 years!

How does shipping work for wine?

Hi folks,

Stacey with Middleton Family Wines. We import and sell the Ad Lib wines from Australia. Just wanted to answer a couple of the questions from this morning.

  1. NJ was removed for this offering, along with a couple other states. Our license is up to date, but we’re waiting for a new label registration and it’s taking FOREVER!!! It doesn’t help for today, but soon NJ will be back on our approved list

  2. This wine is drinking beautifully. I tried it fairly recently and it’s smooth with some great fruit and rounded tannins. It’s ready to drink now but likely won’t hold up for another year.

So enjoy it now before it’s all gone!

Thanks for the info, on both the license and drinking window. Might need to wootleg/split this one.

Anyone on the CA Central Coast want to split this? Interested in 2 bottles.

It either ships directly from the winery or they may enlist Wine Country Connect to help.

Once the daily sale has ended, they start working on packing. Allow 3-5 business days for the wine to ship and then allow time for transportation.

You will have to sign for the wine. To avoid having the wine on the truck for retries if you’re not there, it may be best to ship it to your place of work or you local FedEx store. The latter is what I do.

Like most consumer goods it goes into the trusty old cardboard box. Wine bottle shaped inserts are used to keep the bottles from moving around. Then the handy fedex guy drops it off (unless your drunk!). You are then free to drink it and report back to us.