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Wife is taking up the game, at least taking lessons. Thinking about getting her a set. I’m not a golfer. Do I need to worry about the size (length) of the club? The spouse is about 5’4".

Yes, you definitely don’t want the clubs to be too long. 5’4" is pretty short and I think most adult beginner clubs you’ll see will be too long. Maybe junior sized clubs will work until she gets serious about playing at which time she can be fitted by a fitting pro.

I’ve had these in my bag for a while now, picking them up when they were north of $700. They’re a really forgiving forged club, I shopped them against the Callaway X-hot and the Rocketbladez from TM. Lofts are similar, and I hit all three clubs very similar lengths, so they’re long. The feel is really soft, and they’ve held up very well over 50-60 rounds of golf. If you’re looking for a nice, easy to hit set, these are your clubs. And at this price, it’s like stealing them.


It’s well worth the cost to get a basic fitting before shopping for clubs. Height, arm length, swing speed, etc., all factor into which types of clubs will work best for her.

The pro she’s taking lessons with should have some advice on where to get a fitting, and the cost should be comparable to a single lesson. Often, if you buy clubs from the place where you get the fitting they’ll deduct the fitting fee from the club cost. (but don’t let that pressure you into making a snap choice – a good place will be happy to have you shop around and come back later)

Can anyone tell me do the CB3 irons have KBS shafts???

OEM steel shafts in these are KBS Tour 90. More info here:

But before I’d pull the trigger on these, I’d want some confirmation from Woot that these are factory OEM spec.

They are OEM spec.

Thank you.


anyone happen to know if the medium bag is TSA Friendly, and/or the dimensions on it?

Can someone tell me what graphite shaft is on the SL Tech driver? Stiff flex.

What are the dimensions of the medium duffle?

Why are there left-handed club images in some of the advertised right-handed clubs and vice versa?

I am a lady golfer and 5’4" tall. I have Adams clubs and love them. Previously I had custom fitted clubs and the off of the rack clubs fit me just fine. I went to several golf stores and hit a bunch of balls with different clubs to try different brands using a computer to measure distance, loft, etc. It was an indoor driving range. They did not charge. You definitely want a ladies flex shaft. I am looking at the Adams M2605203 Speedline Fast12 Fairway Wood Ladies Flex to fill in my set. These are great prices.

ANYBODY know the measurements on the medium bag??? PLEASE!

CB3 Iron set: let me cut right to the chase.

I hit a couple of the clubs at a range and found them extremely difficult to control. I took the set to a renowned club fitter/maker for testing.

EVERY club shaft in the set tested extremely soft/flexible - FAR softer than the advertised “regular” stiffness.

They were not “regular”, not “senior”, not “ladies”, and not even “junior”. They were softer and more flexible than the lowest category on the standard golf shaft measurement chart, in other words “off the chart soft”!

These shafts substantially deviate from the specifications one would expect for an ADVERTISED “regular” stiffness shaft, and there’s no reason to expect any of their clubs to even come close to the correct shaft stiffness a consumer would expect based on Adams advertising.

Buy these…and expect to reshaft every club in the set, which does not make them a bargain at all.

Edit: curiously, at this date/time, is no longer available. I’ve requested a full refund from Woot.