Adams Idea Black CB3 Irons 4-PW, GW (RH)

**Item: **Adams Idea Black CB3 Irons 4-PW, GW (RH)
Price: $299.99
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Condition: New

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Adams Idea Black CB3 Irons 4-PW, GW (RH)
Price: $299.99
Condition: New

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Check them out at AdamsGolf. You can also find a lot of good reviews there.

Near perfect reviews (4.9 out of 5.0) over at


Where is ze money, Lebowski!?

I would so buy these if they had lefty option!

Warning Will Robinson.

About a year ago I bought a set of Adams clubs from Woot with the steel regular shafts (although it wasn’t this model). While I kept the clubs in the garage, most of the shafts have terrible rust spots all up and down the shafts. I wrote Adams on their website about my problem and never heard back from them. My experience should be a strong warning as to the quality and support for Adams products.

sigh… no LH means no deal. this is a helluva deal if only there was some ambidextrous socialism in place here…

I already own these clubs with the kbs black nickel shafts. These clubs are perfect for a mid range golfer, or a higher handicap who wants a forged cavity back. Most steel shafts will rust over time. Use a steel wool cloth and some rust remover to clean them up.

And holy smokes. The price for these is a steal! Adams quality is one of the highest in the industry.

I play this set of clubs. They are designed for the mid to low handicapper; beginners will be a little frustrated with the necessity to hit the center consistently. This is a great price for a great set, I got mine from a friend who liked another set better and sold me his CB3’s for $300 with a couple of rounds on them. I’m tempted to go in on a spare set for travel purposes.

This is a pretty good deal for those looking for a new set of irons.

As I always have said, it is important to get any new clubs fit to you. If you buy these, take them to a fitter and make sure the loft/lie/length, etc. is matched to your swing.

I also recommend going and hitting these before buying so you at least have some idea (pun intended) of what you’re getting.

The Adams Idea line is a pretty good one. I have hit these irons and, although they didn’t fit my game, would say that they are a pretty nice set of irons. If you’re a mid/high handicapper looking for a new set of irons, I would consider these.

These are considered “Game Improvement” irons, so they’re meant for the mid-handicapper and those that may need more forgiveness. The stock shaft is a nice offering from KBS (I’m assuming that’s the shaft that’s in these offered for sale)and launches the ball a bit higher (something most mid handicappers struggle with.) For me, they launched really high. Sort of ballooned a little.

They have heel and toe perimeter weighting and a low center of gravity. This allows shots hit off center to travel roughly the same distance and direction as those hit on the center, or what most people call forgiveness. The longer irons have more offset that the scoring clubs helping to hit the ball more consistently with the long clubs. The bounce angle varies throughout the set, but helps ensure good interaction with turf. I personally found that it was hard to hit a shot ‘fat’, or dig into the ground before the ball with these. They had a tendency to not dig, but just ‘slide’ into the ball. That’s bounce at work.

I found that mishits felt pretty similar to good contact with these. There wasn’t a ton of feedback on shots that were missed towards the toe or the heel. They flew about the same distance and direction. This ‘lack of feedback’ could be beneficial to your game. It may not. Personally, I like to know when I miss one so that I can improve my swing and learn from the mistake - but that’s me.

The lofts of these irons were a little stronger that I was used to by about a degree or two. The shafts were also a bit longer on each club than I’m used to. With a longer shaft and a slightly stronger loft, it would make sense that they would be a little longer; the longer shaft aids in increased swing speed.

They are a forged iron. Forged irons are made from a single piece of metal which is heated in a giant oven and hammered into the design. They are then milled to achieve the final design. This differs from a cast club (the other way of making irons) in that when making a cast iron, molten metal is poured into a mold. Cast clubs, then, could have small pockets of inconsistencies in the final one which could hurt performance, whereas forged clubs are more ‘pure’. What does this all mean? Practically nothing for a mid-handicapper looking at buying these irons. Some players will tell you that forged irons feel ‘buttery’ soft, and cast clubs are a little more ‘harsh’. However, with today’s technology, it’s hard to tell the difference, especially if you’re a casual player.

Also, since forged irons are technically softer, they will ding and dent more easy that cast clubs. So if you’re driving a cart on a very bouncy course, run a towel or something around them so they don’t get all beat up.

Good set of irons at a good price. I would recommend these for those mid-handicappers needing/wanting a new set of irons that need forgiveness and a little extra distance.

Oh, and forged clubs will rust. Dry them off during a round and especially after. If you have covers for them, keep them off between rounds so that moisture doesn’t build up and cause them to rust.

Steel shafts will rust too. Take care of them. Keep them in a more climate controlled environment if they start to show signs of rust. Keep the cover off the top of the bag to ensure air flow and a dry environment.

Clean your clubs during and after a round too. Clean grooves and faces help to promote consistency.

Take care of your clubs and they’ll last a long time. Or at least until you go wanting a new set.

Good suggestions on caring for your clubs Stevie. It only takes a few minutes after each round.
I am real excited about purchasing these irons. After 2 back surgeries this year, and some loss in swing speed,I think these clubs might be just what the doctor ordered

Does anyone know if these are weighted?

Adams Idea Black CB3 Irons 4-PW, GW (RH)
Price: $299.99
Condition: New

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[Google Products]( Idea Black CB3 Irons 4-PW, GW (RH)) - [Amazon]( Idea Black CB3 Irons 4-PW, GW (RH)) - [Previous Woot Sales]( Idea Black CB3 Irons 4-PW, GW (RH))