AdamsGolf Graphite Hybrid & Steel Iron Set (RH)

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Let’s read a review

Time for a video [youtube=Z8uDTMkNe2c][/youtube]

Check out the review from GolfWRX.Com

Picked up a set last year-they are easy to use and quite forgiving -which I desperately need. My golfing buddy liked them so much that he purchaesd a set. Would definitely rcommend.

Agrees. I know we like it when golf deals are featured within Woot!

The video is right on and these clubs make it a lot easier to get the balls next to the pin.

How about some more personal reviews? Wooter golfers, time to come out of lurking.

I’ve had a set of these for a little over 18 months and love em. I’m always tempted to buy a second set as the price drops.