Adaptec AVC-1400 GameBridge USB 2.0 Adapter

No, but she sure looked Mac-compatible.

how do you figure?

Moving slowlly…

i got dibs

pulls out my Ultrex 8-Piece Knife and Block Set

Game Bridge was a woot killa the last time it showed up in a WOOToff. It took 3 hours

just got home from work…WOOT OFFFFFFFF WOOOHOOOOOO…looks like i may be up for a while…hey what did i miss??? anything good…


haha yeah when the shadow dinosaur eats someone, or the clown that punches that dude’s head clear off his shoulders. classic.

You’re a little late. That talk’s over.

If I get fired can I sue Woot?

I would pay 3.99 plus 5 bucks shipping not to see your ‘poop’ way more offensive than showing what God gave us.

This item will continue till alien girl starts to look good. I suggest you all get to drinkin.

Why, it’s not bad and it’s cheap as shit.

DEar God. How long does it take for a 4$ thing take to sell out. Woot must have found the ones the cats stole and moved to the otherside of the building

Ahh… I miss In and Out. Give me a double cheeseburger “Animal Style”!!!

Nope. Just hope there’s a new job in your BOC.

whoa, what killer clowns? That sounds like a cool movie

is there something wrong with her face??she looks like an alien…an…uhhh…beautiful alien?

I was thinking the same thing. It’s something about her eyes. Freaky.