Adaptec AVC1400 GameBridge



got 3… not sure why I did… reminds me of BOC I guess


That landfill with the E.T. carts still full eh?


I take it this does not work with the Mac?


Can’t beat the price. I can buy 3 at a penny each


I do not want these, NEVER did from woot! …

woot! doesn’t even want them as selling for 1 cent.

But I still got my 3 :wink:


Does this product work with the Wii?


For that price, can you beat it? This will be nice to convert some old VHS tapes i have on to DVD. 3 for a penny, I’m in!


The thing does work exactly as they say, however, it does not work with Vista. It’s really the software that lets you play real-time, though, so you can use the software with your other TV tuner or video capture card fine (I haven’t tried running the software on Vista, though).


I got 2 of these for 4 bucks each during the wootoff. The quality isn’t the greatest, but it gets the job done. In for 3 more at this price :slight_smile:


does this work in linux?


Three for $5.03 shipped, are you kidding me? I have little use for them since I already have a 1410, but what the heck?


If it is running composite wires, then yes.


Yes, it works with the Wii. It works with anything that has RCA or S-Video output


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Adaptec AVC1400 GameBridge
$0.01 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Adaptec AVC1400 GameBridge


i have no clue why, but i bought 3 of them…


wow good deal. I paid $20 for this last year on woot.


I thought to myself… do I need more than one. Then I realized that I would just need to search the parking lot for two more pennies tomorrow and I’ll be set.


bought 3 also, don’t know what I’l use if for…maybe christmas gifts. I couldn’t say no to a penny. If not anything else, it’s a cheap video convertor.


Not sure Why
But Santa just bought 3