ADAPTEC VideOh! PCI MPEG-2 Video Capture Card


[imgleft]!_PCI_MPEG-2_Video_Capture_Card-thumbnail.jpg[/imgleft] ADAPTEC VideOh! PCI MPEG-2 Video Capture Card - Saturday, January 07, 2006
Item qty: 700, Last Order: 7:23 AM CST, Wooter to blame: mogrady
Order Pace: 0m 38.067s, Woot Wage: $3,788.20/hour.


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Sweet woot!
I would get one but… IM BROKE
lol I wouldnt use it on this computer but I would probably give it to my dad

Hmm it is a pretty good deal… Its like 70 or 80 on froogle but it could be a little better but ya get what u pay 4


ADAPTEC VideOh! PCI MPEG-2 Video Capture Card

  • $5 shipping
    condition: New
    product(s): 1 ADAPTEC VideOh! PCI MPEG-2 video capture card with DVD creation software - AVC-2010

Another fine woot. I love the hardware, but does anyone know what version of the Sonic MyDVD software is included?


Super Sweet W00t


why is the button bouncing???


Goosh darnit just bought one


Nice! Got one tho…


Isn’t MPEG-2 kinda old? Anyone got experience w/this thing?


Woottacular. Nice price too

Night Wooters


yay first page. nice card<br /><b>(USER WAS PUT ON PROBATION FOR THIS POST)</b>


not a bad woot. Dont need one tho, although I think I got a friend that needs one. Well Woot! night to you all.


What is it?


cool woot!


almost gone lol


dont have any use for this, good price though


wow this is even before my time mpeg 4 is the best dont buy!!!


oh well, just bought a Radeon 9600 all in wonder…


not the thing I most would like to have but ok I guess. Still pass


I stayed up for this junk? bleh