Add-A-Hook Storage Solutions

I dunno, if I hung anything from my garage door tracks, I wouldn’t be able to get into my Jeep unless I had the doors off…

I think anyone who can actually park their car in their garage doesn’t really need these … Which is why I’ll take 4 of them!

Yerp. The cars live outside.

A garage doors tracks are designed to take the doors weight only, not only that but as a door guy I have been to many calls where the perforated angle back hangs have pulled out of the ceiling from the weight of the door alone. Garage doors can and do occasionally fall. If you want to possibly dump your garage door on your head in the blink of an eye when you least expect it this is the product for you.

Good grief! Does anyone else see this as a lawsuit just waiting to happen?

What a confusing product.

This really is an awful idea. A typical roll up door weighs about 150 pounds. That’s about 75 pounds on each rail. This company shows, among other things, hanging 2 bicycles from each rail. Think about it - that’s about 60 pounds. You’d have to be out of your mind to double the load on these rails and risk 150 pounds of metal coming down on your head, not to mention the bikes.

I’m going to be hanging up some fishing poles on some L hooks on one side and some extension cords and a couple of other things on some J hooks on the other side. No worries…

It looks like a failed TV infomercial that they are just trying to get rid of the rest of their inventory.

“Can’t park your car in the garage because of all your stuff on the floor? Well then hang it by the garage door so you still can’t park your car in the garage!”

I received my hooks yesterday. Thing is…my garage doors have extra support rails attached to the rails. Therefore, can only use on the last 2 ft of garage door rail.