Add-A-Hook Storage Solutions

Don’t store your snowboards or skis in your garage long term. Heat and temp swings are the worst things for their bases. Maybe overnight for a place to dry after a day on the mountain, but never long term.

For summer, put a nice thick coat of warm temp (ie, soft) wax on there and keep em’ dry and relatively cool. No attics, no garages, no storage sheds. This will keep your base from rotting/drying out and your edges from rusting.

/That is all; just noticed the stock “hey buy this” photo.

So great Woot gods, which Monkey Bar is it? It shows three options in the specs but I only see one option?

How hilariously confusing! I’m askin’!

Edit: fixed now!

So… it’s only the monkey bar for bikes?

The specs still say:

I bought one of the tool bars last time it was up and I LOVE it. The tool bars had hooks for use with bikes, along with other things so I hung two bikes, weedwacker, and 10 or so yard tools. I wanted another tool bar :(.

The Features tab also describes the tool rack. How do we order this, I can only see the bike rack choice.

Asking again for more fixin’. Sorry about this.

Update: fixed. This time for sure.

//fingers crossed