Addi 16 inch Rocket Circular Needles

Addi 16 inch Rocket Circular Needles

You never mentioned what size they are, which is important.


What size are the needles??? The cord is 16", which is small, what size are the needles?

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Hi there! Most items on Clearance are from Amazon overstock and aged inventory so we don’t have a lot of information on them. Here it is on Amazon:

I don’t see it stated

This listing is useless without the needle size.


The last one I got (from a nearly identical listing) was a US size 2

Destined for BOCs! Agree they are USELESS unless there is a size.

Won’t be in BOCs. They’re in a different warehouse. :smiley:

Awww, I wanted this crap! I won’t buy it cuz of unknown size. But if it would have just shown up in a BOC, I’d be ok!

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Same here, I also got size 2 so beware.

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