Adeptus 6 Drawer Rolling Carts - 2 Styles

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Adeptus 6 Drawer Rolling Carts - 2 Styles
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Anyone know if this is basically an IKEA Alex copy?

Saw a few reviews at Wayfair, all were 4-5 star. This seems like a good deal for solid pine.

It seems that this is about half the weight and the ikea alex is particle board. The rails in the ikea one seem superior judging only from the pictures. This one is available on
$24.99 in store.

Also found on FleetFarm, same price with $7.95 shipping.

wonder how much weight the wide set would hold?

Does anyone know the depth of the drawers?

From the city liquidators website, the height of the narrow one is 26". Take away about 2" for the casters, divide by 6, and my guesstimate is that the drawers are about 4" deep–maybe a little less to account for spacing between each drawer.

I’d also be interested to find out drawer depth and the weight each drawer & unit can hold.

Based on the height of the whole unit I’m guessing the drawers can’t be more than 3-1/2" deep (or would that be high?)

If I understand your question correctly, the depth of the units are both over 15", the drawer depth would be this less the thickness of the wood of the rear wall.

Regular Drawer:
~ H 25.8" x W 13.4" x D 15.6"

Wide Drawer:
~ H 25.43" x W 20.75" x D 15.35"

I have had the tall unit for over 5 years. These are extremely well made. The actual depth of the drawers to the top of the wood on the side is 2".

anyone have inside drawer dimensions
of the wide version?

I bought one of the narrow ones at Christmas Tree Shop near me for 39.99 this week. Nice and sturdy, drawers slide easy.

The drawer dimensions are:
Face: 11 x 3 1/2"
Inside height to top of face:3 1/8"
Inside height to top of sides:2 1/4"
Inside width: 9 1/8"
Inside depth (front to back):12 1/4"

The IKEA Alex is particle board – so, no it is not.


I am trying to figure out what I’d put in such shallow drawers though… Wish they were closer to desk side drawer deep and not the pencil drawer of the desk.

Believe it or not, I have the “Alex” up on the computer from last night looking at Ikea’s catalog. Our Ikea is opening up next week, but son works there so we get family shop day today! I was looking at it to hold all the different papers I use in my color inkjet and laser printers. For example: standard computer paper, colored, glossy photo, cardstock, mailing labels, notebook paper (for school), tablets, spiral notebooks…and the top drawer for organizing scissors, pencils, pens, etc. I was going to get the white Alex…but there is a huge price difference so going to compare them before deciding to buy from Ikea today.

I use it for small things around my office to clean up a little. I have a few small hand tools, cameras and batteries, flash drives/memory cards, frequently used CDs, note paper, etc…

We’ve had the Ikea Alex flat file for a couple years and it’s quite a bit bigger than this one. Sure the Alex is particleboard (as is 80% of Ikea stuff) but unless you plan to sit on it, it does the job just fine. We use it to store paper items that shouldn’t be rolled or folded.

In for one wide unit.
If it was not solid wood, I would have passed on it.