Adeptus Rolling Cart- Pick Style & Color



Adeptus Rolling Cart- Pick Style & Color


Bought the 6+2 wide set a few woots ago in black. Solidly constructed and nicely finished. Had two defective runners but EXCELLENT customer service and they were immediately replaced by Adeptus. Would buy again.


Bought the 6+2 in pine last time it was offered. I use it as a toolbox, and it works beautifully! Looks great, drawers slide perfectly, and It is so versatile!


Got these a few Woots back. One observation: The bottoms of the drawers are a composite material akin to stiff cardboard. The sheet slides in to grooves. If you put in a lot of heavy stuff (reams of paper, metal cameras and lenses in my case) the bottom bows out and falls out. The solution is to replace the bottoms with something better, perhaps plywood … or don’t overload.


Specs for the narrow 6 + 2 are incorrect.


Is it possible to use hanging file folders in the larger drawers ?


Care to clarify and make this a useful comment?


Well, this type of construction is disqualifying for my type of usage. I was looking at 2 of the 6+2 wide items. Unless someone has seen more recent products with the flimsy drawer bottoms corrected, I’m out of the market.


I’ve purchased two of these over the past few years and that does not match my experience at all. The bottoms that came with mine are fiberboard just like you get with pretty much any ready-to-assemble furniture like this. It isn’t anything like cardboard. Some of mine are weighed down pretty heavily and there is no sign of the bottoms sagging enough that they’d fall out. I just double-checked by putting some considerable force on them with my hand and they barely budged. Can anyone who has purchased recently confirm whether or not the drawer bottoms have been changed?

One thing to note if anyone plans to put heavy stuff in them is that they come with plastic runners for the drawers to slide on rather than rollers so they don’t slide out particularly smoothly with a lot of weight in them. Not surprising at this price point.


You are correct. The width should be 13.4W.


I always find it interesting that when an item sells out on Woot, an Amazon Company, the product is still available at Amazon but at a higher cost. Guess I won’t be purchasing one of these “soldout” versions anytime soon.


We have our own buyers who negotiated this deal. This is not amazon inventory.


This is very good information. I assumed the same thing as ninelivescatseyes.